As we have traced the course of history from tribalism to socialism after World War Two we have only made fleeting reference to “elites”. Every culture will have elites…..a Blue Revolutionary culture if we ever get that far will have elites but in a Blue Revolution the elite will be there by public approval, there will be no “status” to be had by being in parliament and indeed leaving the elite institutions will be no more a wrench or humiliation than changing jobs. It certainly won’t be like it is now with the spectacle of the powerful clinging on to rank, position and wealth after events like Brixit threaten their status.

In Tribal times the elite would have been a Chief and possibly an all-male “council” of some sort, a witch doctor or soothsayer. In the feudal system, it would have been the King, the aristocracy and Privy Council. In capitalist times, it was the “state”, the courts and government, and legislature doing the bidding of the capitalist elite … doing the bidding of business and commercial interests.

Take a minute to think about who might be part of the modern elites.

You may have come up with Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, David Cameron, George Osborne.  The chances are you didn’t come up with HM the Queen or an array of aristocrats with ancient titles or any industrialists or entrepreneurs. That is because the modern elites are different from the elites of even 100 years ago.

Modern elites are not there because of historical accident or because they are talented scientists or business people (whatever they might like us to believe). They are there because they have enough money (usually government money) and networks and influence.

To get into the modern elite you need to have a magic something … a connection somewhere you can use, some money to allow you to make use of your connection, some useful associations (from private  schooling perhaps) of which your new connection can take advantage. All of this is assisted if you are close to someone already in power and have the right social skills and quality higher education.

This is the formula used by the Blair family, the Kinnock family, the Clinton family and a whole host of other people who have become known as the “liberal elite”. They have the right values. They believe in Contract, Choice and Consent at their level of society and at ours too. But for us they believe the accent should be on other rights and here is the rub … these rights are “identity rights” or “human rights” or “welfare rights” all upheld for us by them!

The rights the liberal elite over promote are rights that apply to those at the bottom of the social pile; they are the people whose existence the liberal state elite need to justify relieving the modern blue collar workers and business people of taxes to uphold these rights and their system. Hence, we see a proliferation of laws and litigation against soldiers, junior public sector ranks and a judicial upholding of the rights of terrorists under the Human Rights Act. All this creates jobs for the public funded liberal elite. No one wants to see abuse of anyone but the elite have turned such cases into a well-paid industry  for themselves.  How very liberal elite of them!

The elite believe that you have the right to be who you want to be; and anyone who doesn’t accept that is reactionary and must be against their “progressive policies”.  They don’t, however, believe you have the right to have real influence over public policy or economic policy. That is a matter for them; they are after all the liberal elite.

Of course, they will argue that with identity politics you can be who you want to be. You can be transgender, they will even get the tax payer to pay for the operation and pay one of their barrister friends for any legal action you encounter around discrimination at work. But please don’t comment on Brexit, taxation, monetary policy immigration … leave it to them.

If that were not enough, they engineer things so that this process is repeated generation on generation which is why we call them the publicsectocracy. Their children, steeped in the language of “rights” take over the positions within the state vacated by their retired (usually early!) parents.

The liberal elite need to be dealt with, not by a bloody revolution but by simply allowing “the people” the “Blue Collar workers” to determine how access to state power is managed and maintained and this can be done through existing political arrangements. They, the arrangements, just need tweaking! Basically, the state now works for an elite and not for the people who pay for it and moreover because the elite expect to receive an elite salary the state costs the taxpayer too much.

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