Standing for a local election as a Blue Revolution candidate (You can use all our images from the website as you wish but we can make no payment to your campaign).

Local elections are free to stand in but there are costs associated with the campaign like leaflets and room hire. Your election costs must be reported to the Democratic Services Department at your local Authority, under election law and we advise you to read “Guidance for Candidates and Agents” published by the Electoral Commission.

Work through each simple step below, one at a time, and you could be standing in an election for Blue Revolution.

+ - Step 1 - Collect Nomination Pack

Once an election has been called you can collect a “Nominations Pack” from the Democratic Services Officer at your local council. To find out when an election is next due contact the Democratic Services Officer at your local council and ask.

+ - Step 2 - Choose your Ward

Local Councils are split into divisions or Wards. These are areas covered by a councillor. Some Wards or Divisions have more than one Councillor.

To find the ward/division your wish to stand please visit and enter the postcode of house in the area you wish to stand for election. This will give you the result for all the ward/divisions for all elections for that postcode.

The two boxes you are interested in for local elections are ‘District (Borough) Council Ward’ and ‘County Council District’ depending on the type of election you are standing in.

+ - Step 3 - Understanding your Nomination Pack

Once you have decided to stand as a Blue Revolution candidate in a specific ward in your local council area you need to complete the following forms from your “Nomination Pack”

Nomination Form – See Step 4

Candidates Consent to Stand Form – See Step 5

Certificate of Authorisation Form – See Step 6

Platform Emblem Form – See Step 7

Select an Agent Form – See Step 8

+ - Step 4 - Nomination Form

The NOMINATION PAPER must be signed by a Proposer and a Seconder and then eight other people who are on the voting register in that Ward and can vote in the election (some under 18’s are on the register but can’t vote until their 18th birthday). Make sure the voter who signs your nomination paper does not sign another candidate’s nomination Paper. It is a good idea to do this as soon as possible and take it back to the Democratic Services Office as soon as permissible.

+ - Step 5 - Candidates Consent to Stand Form

You must then consent to stand using the “Candidates Consent to Stand Form” This must be witnessed by an independent third party such as a friend and again is submitted with the Nomination Papers.

+ - Step 6 - Certificate of Authorisation

The next step if you choose to stand for Blue Revolution is to get permission to use the party name and logo. This is the “Certificate of Authorisation”. It must be signed by an Official of Blue Revolution. As soon as you get this form send it to us so we can return it to you by the time all your papers need to be returned to the Democratic Services Department.

This “Certificate of Authorisation” needs to say under the Party name section, AND the Description section “BLUE REVOLUTION”. This must be sent with a Stamped Addressed Envelope plus a brief CV to 22 Tower Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8RX. Included with the Stamped Addressed Envelope and your CV must be the following statement on a separate piece of paper and signed by you “I the undersigned, understand that freedom and democracy for all the worlds people depends on the principles of Contract, Choice, and Consent. I accept, endorse and promote these principles. Signed Your Name

+ - Step 7 - Party Emblem Form

The second form is the request to the Democratic Services Office for the party Emblem to appear on your ballot paper. You must put your details and Ward or Division details on the form and write BLUE REVOLUTION RING where it states “Emblem to be used”. Sign this form and when you receive your “Certificate of Authorisation” back from Blue Revolution you will be able to submit all your papers to your Democratic Services Officer on the date you are advised to do so (If you are unsure of the date please check with the Democratic Services Office). All being well you will then be an official candidate for Blue Revolution.

+ - Step 8 - Select an Agent Form

We would not recommend you act as your own Agent. An agent takes the same legal responsibility for the campaign as you do and should be someone who is good with forms and working to timescales.

Legal Stuff You Must Know:

All Local Government Elections are covered by election Law and these points are very important to know.

  • You cannot spend more than the permitted amount of money on your campaign. Your Democratic Services Officer will advise you about the maximum you can spend
  • Keep all receipts and ensure you fill in the details of expenses incurred on the appropriate form after the election You will receive this form during your campaign. The “items” referred to on the forms are things like leaflets and posters. You will need to keep all receipts and submit with the relevant form a short time after the election. This is a serious legal requirement and you can be arrested for failing to do this by the appointed time.
  • Finally, all your leaflets must have details of the printer and candidate on them and it must be in a standard form of words at the bottom of leaflets and posters. This is the form of words “Published and promoted by xxxxxxxxxx on behalf of xxxxxxxxxx, Political Party, all at xxxx (ie address where the promoter and candidate can be contacted. Printed by (name of the printer) at (address of printer)”. You are breaking election law if you don’t put these details on printed material.
  • Social media also needs to display full imprint details. You can include shortened the link to the imprint on tweet or post. (The ‘printer’ is Facebook, Twitter etc. This seems strange, but it is based on Victorian election law).

Please Note:

  • If using online discussion forums make your identity as a candidate clear where possible.