The home of small state socialism, Blue Revolution is a political platform which seeks to enable as many people as possible from as wide a variety of backgrounds as possible to stand for elections at every administrative level from Parish to Parliament. This is achieved by the simple means of authorising use of party emblems to those who endorse the Blue Revolution “core values” and five manifesto pledges.

The platform will have a light touch approach to identifying and approving nominations to stand for election and will leave individual candidates to take responsibility for their own campaigns. However, advice and guidance will be made available to all candidates to help ensure that the platform is not brought into disrepute and to help ensure that candidates comply with all relevant electoral laws and other relevant legislation. However, Blue Revolution is not legally responsible for the activities, errors or omissions of candidates. Some finance may be made available such as part funding of deposits for any Parliamentary election fought.

The platform will always attempt to ensure that all Blue Revolution campaigns reflect the core values of the platform and as far as possible its five manifesto pledges. These manifesto pledges are detailed in the manifesto which is published on the plaform website.

The Blue Revolution is a political platform as opposed to a traditional party. It is a political brand identity thus avoiding the heavy bureaucratic structure associated with many other political parties. There will be no branches or branch structure. Members may form community groups but if formed these can have no financial identity recognised by Blue Revolution. Blue Revolution will not recognise groups or branches calling themselves “Blue Revolution”. Such groups will not be allowed to use images and descriptions in elections. Individuals must apply to use them as individuals. For non-election, promotional material any member can utilise any of the images and descriptions that appear on the website. The use of images and descriptions are only covered by election law not copyright.

All membership fees of £5.00 will entitle the member within the relevant calendar year to access the website and to apply to use all election materials made available on the website in respect of any election they wish to contest. The nominating officer has the responsibility of sanctioning the use of the emblems and descriptions on application by any member who wishes to stand in an election.

If a member is refused permission to use the “Blue Revolution” identity marks and description there is an appeals process. In the first instance, the appeal is to the leader of the platform and the final appeal is to the management committee. The full committee’s decision on the matter of the use of the identity marks and descriptions is final.

Blue Revolution will advertise for new members and potential candidates where there are elections taking place, as well as promoting local members.


The membership of Blue Revolution is based on an e mail or written request to join the party until the date of the next Annual General meeting. Members will be invited to an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held within three months of the 1st of January each year i.e. no later than the 1st April. Invitations will be sent out by e-mail to members. The AGM could be held anywhere but is likely to be held in an area close to the greatest number of members.

Up to a week prior to the AGM, the membership will be able to propose and second a candidate for the posts of leader, nominating officer, treasurer and fourth officer. If no formal nominations are received nominations can be taken from the floor at the AGM.

The membership will be kept informed about the Blue Revolution via the website.

It is also proposed that “workshop” events will be delivered to gauge the views and opinions of members and guide policy and to explain the core values and manifesto pledges.

Members join Blue Revolution by sending their request for membership to the party address. Members who wish to have a membership card can be issues with one. Membership runs from January to January. A record will be kept of member’s details and this will be managed in line with the Data Protection Act and used for no purpose other than communicating with members. Donations by members will be banked in a Blue Revolution Bank Account and will only be used to administer membership and to support election campaigns.


The platform has broad values which accept differences of opinion on a wide range of areas of political activism. Blue Revolution is not a traditional right or left-wing platform. The Blue Revolution constitution requires only that candidates understand and apply the core values of Contract, Choice and Consent upon which we believe freedom and democracy are constructed.

Contract, Choice and Consent as core values of Blue Revolution should be demonstrably understood by platform members who apply to be a candidate in elections. All candidates should accept that these core values apply to all individuals.

Blue Revolution is not a platform that discriminates. Blue Revolution is a platform of freedom for all. Blue Revolution seeks to promote the interests of taxpayers and blue-collar workers who we believe have been overlooked by successive governments and establishment interests and who either do not find a voice with mainstream parties of the centre-left or centre-right or struggle to be heard.

Blue Revolution will accept that whilst the values of Contract, Choice and Consent must be recognised and upheld, it is possible for controversial political opinions to be expressed. However such views must be compliant with the law. Any member who publishes material either in print or online that questions the core values of Contract, Choice and Consent will have their membership suspended. The appeal process is the same as it is for refusal to allow the use of identity marks.

The Blue Revolution accepts there are uncomfortable discussions in politics, but freedom of speech is a fundamental part of the democratic process, something to which all voters are entitled and Blue Revolution candidates consent to and express.

Blue Revolution will encourage open, frank and challenging debate on all subjects which are of interest or relevance to our members and their wider communities.



The platform will comprise of a leader, a nominating officer, treasurer and a maximum of one other. This group of platform officers will be known as the management team.

The leader’s role is to be the figurehead for the platform and to chair management meetings, act as the main spokesman for the platform, call the AGM and sign off minutes of the AGM and all management meetings that take place. The leader acts as chairman of the party and arbitrates in any disputes between the management team and any individual members. It is anticipated that in disputes between Blue Revolution and members will be resolved by an appeal to the leader. If this fails to resolve the dispute then an appeal can be made to the full management committee. The decision of the full committee is final. The leader is a signatory to the Blue Revolution bank account.


The nominating officer’s role is to lead policy and campaign strategy as well as manage the interests of the wider membership. The nominating officer decides on the application whether to allow a potential candidate to use an identity mark and descriptions that belong to Blue Revolution. Where the right to use an identity mark is withheld the candidate can apply to the leader to have the decision investigated and possibly reconsidered. The right of final appeal lies with the full management committee.

The right to use the identity mark and description will only be withheld on the grounds that the potential candidate has acted improperly or illegally or has refused overtly to abide by the parties core values and manifesto pledges.

All policy proposed by the Nominating Officer must have the backing of the management team.

The Nominating Officer is a signatory on the Blue Revolution bank account.


The Treasurer’s role is to manage the platform finances including its bank account in line with the financial statement, maintain a record of all donations and submit annual accounts in line with PPERA. All financial records will be retained by the Treasurer. All records of donations made to Blue Revolution campaigns will be reported in election returns as required to Returning Officers. The Electoral Commission will be informed of any donations made to Blue Revolution.

Individuals campaigning on their own behalf will submit their own returns to the Local Authority Returning Officers as required by electoral law.

The Treasurer is responsible for and manages and is a signatory for the Blue Revolution Bank account and submits accounts annually to the management team and AGM for approval.


The fourth officer if appointed supports the work of Blue Revolution in a range of capacities which can include publicity, liaison and public relations. The fourth officer is a member of the Management Committee and may be a signatory to the Blue Revolution Bank account.


All decisions about platform strategy have to be agreed upon by a majority of the management team with the leader having the casting vote.

These roles are elected annually by the membership of the platform. Holders can be re-elected as many times as the membership accept. The membership consists of all those individuals who request membership via their annual request. Any financial surplus will be used to support elections to Parliament where a Deposit is required.

The Management team considers and makes a final determination on all matters of dispute between members and Blue Revolution where the dispute has not been resolved by appeal to the leader.

The annual AGM is organised by the management team and takes place within three months of the 1st of January. Nominations for the four officers positions can be submitted in advance in writing to the platform address at 22 Tower Street PE21 8RX or can come from the floor at the AGM in the absence of a formal nomination. The AGM will be quorum with three officers in attendance and as many members who are able to attend

The annual AGM is the only formal membership meeting convened by the platform. There will be no formal branches although local campaign groups will be permissible.

Any changes to the Constitution proposed by the Management Team must have the backing of the membership at the AGM.