Richard Thornalley

Richard Thornalley

Hello my name is Richard Thornalley and I was born in the Pilgrim Hospital and I have lived in Boston all my life and I consider myself as a true Bostonian.

We all know that the majority of what we pay in council tax goes to Lincolnshire County Council in Lincoln.  It really annoys me that what Lincoln wants Lincoln gets. For example, they now have a full ring road while the rest of the county gets forgotten about.  If you elect me as your councillor for this ward/division I will make sure your voice gets heard and you are NOT forgotten.

Since joining Blue Revolution I noticed that many of the highway faults such as blocked drains, potholes, uneven road surfaces, damaged and missing road signs including street name signs, flooding on the roads after rainfall, trying to get cats eyes replaced, reporting fly-tipped rubbish and replacing bulbs in the street lights after they have blown.

I have been reporting these to the relevant councils to get these sorted, all whilst being unpaid, unelected and in my own time.

If you vote for me at any level of the council elections and I’m lucky enough to be voted in, I will make sure you’re voice is heard and you are not forgotten.

Thank you.

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