A Big Thank You

May I share my appreciation to the 283 who chose to vote for A Blue Revolution at the 2017 general election.

All of us will forever know we were at the start of creating, what we all hope to be, a more representative and modern democratic system.

Should you or anybody else wish to join us on our journey, please do become a member of our party and continue this blue collar revolution.

Thank you once again.

Mike Gilbert

A constituency resident for the last 25 years who has been involved in politics since the age of 14. He has served as a local councillor at both local and county level.
This experience and background have helped Mike conclude that the current system is not working for the people who contribute the most and feels that A Blue Revolution has the blueprint for democratic change.

Politics for the 21st Century.

Britain has a 18th-century legal system, a 19th-century political system and a 20th-century welfare system. We aim to bring them all in line with the 21st century.

Time For A Change

Change is long overdue, Brexit confirms that the establishment has been out of touch with the people for decades.
Brexit is also an opportunity to refresh and redesign what Britain does and how it does it.

A Workers’ Party

A Blue Revolution is a party for blue collar workers and those who contribute either socially or economically but receive little in return.

A Blue Revolution Believes:

  • Out of the EU but closer trade links with the real countries of Europe.
  • More workplace democracy for the public sector or publicly funded workers.
  • Cut state bureaucracy but not the public services we the people pay for and need!
  • Deliver education suited to all abilities and scrap SATS and Student Debt.
  • Stop people getting rich at the ordinary taxpayers’ expense.

The only workers’ party is A Blue Revolution. A party of the people, not the state!

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