Education is critical to Britain’s wellbeing. We have a colossal debt burden which the next generation must pay for. Plenty of people are getting rich with the current debt based model. There will be places they can escape to when the British and western economy is finally exhausted and we are as ordinary people flung back to the kind of pre-capitalist system which is abusive of our rights. We have got to where we are now via tribalism and feudalism, why would we let the elite send us back there in fifty or one hundred years, or sooner?

So, education is essential to preserving Britain’s future and bringing our economy back into affordability. The system which educates our children needs to reflect the realities of mankind’s species essence. We need to have parents who can “train” children from one year old to age three or four. Then a properly trained child can be “taught” in school and can be prepared for a lifetime of “learning”. High stress levels at the coal face of the public sector is largely due to workers having to deal with a dysfunctional public and their kids. This is particularly true in education and health.

The state has allowed itself to drift into areas of “education” which do not really relate to education. Sex education and citizenship being two obvious examples. In A Blue Revolutionary informed education system, education would start at age four with teaching the basics of Maths and English, elementary science, local history and geography.

We believe in selection if the selection process is not “gamed” to benefit those who can pay to coach children. Even with coaching for the elites, in the 1950’s the working classes managed to deliver hundreds of children in to the establishment of the 1960’s via State Grammar schools.

It was in the 1960’s that the old establishment decided that this “entryism” by the working classes into the establishment was a danger to their position, and with war time obligations to the working classes by then a distant memory they set about dismantling the education system which had allowed the children of the working classes into the establishment. They scrapped the grammar schools. The establishment justified this decision on the basis that those who failed the 11+ were damaged for life which of course was, and is, rubbish.

In respect of education the Blue Revolution is clear. We need to have selection at age 11 to 13 and that the basis for this selection should be maths and English with candidates demonstrating an academic aptitude two or three or even four years above their chronological age. Children achieving this standard will benefit themselves and society and those who fail will have benefitted from the attempt  to be selected. The children of ordinary working people must be involved in the management and running of the state so they can advise politicians in the legislature and elsewhere thus ensuring that the interests of the people are fully reflected in the decisions made by politicians. The world of special interests will finally end.

The fourth manifesto pledge is to structure education from birth to about 13 with parents having a vital role (social value role) in preparing a child for school through training. Parents who can’t do this will need assistance as schools will once again become ordered places of learning. There will be a “real skills” assessment of ability at age 11 to 13 and entry to grammars. Education is life-long learning and must be recognised as both social and economic in character.

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