A Narrative with which to challenge extremism

Letter to The Spectator Week commencing 10 April 2017

Sir. Ian Acheson’s piece was illuminating, highlighting as it did systemic and managerial failings in the running of British Jails. What baffles us, however, is the notion that there is no effective counter narrative with which to address Islamist ideology. Clearly advocating “British Values” has had limited effect in our culturally neurotic age. However, all democracies that are capitalist in origin, and some that are not, rely to some extent on the principles of contract, choice and consent to underpin their rights and freedoms. Is this not the “ideology” with which to beat the brutal, ignorant and unforgiving Islamist death cult, and re-educate their lost and misguided disciples who are in our prison system. No one should feel any shame promoting consent and choice irrespective of the colour of the person’s skin.


on behalf of ABlueRevolution.com