A Blue Revolution round up of the national campaign so far.

Three weeks is a long time in politics. We have seen the Brexit bonus squandered by a Tory party trying to fly some non-Brexit policy under the public’s radar, and not getting away with it. The adult social care fiasco was a typical example of the hubris of the political elite thinking that they ‘knew’ the public appetite for their policies. Mrs May and her team need to remember this is a Brexit election. Every other policy idea is generally irrelevant and the Tories should stick with the Cameron manifesto which still has three years to run. In trying to get one over the public they have given Corbyn’s ‘have what you want warriors’ an adult social care bounce. That said the left is ideologically muddled, whether that left is Labour, Lib Dem or Green. They have a tax and spend mentality to help them support their big state obsession in an age of quantitative easing and colossal personal and government debt.  There is nothing progressive about any of them. The Tories may have squandered their Brexit bonus, we hope not as Brexit should be all this election is about, that is certainly what the public think.

As for the Greens and Ukip, they seem to have assumed a previous irrelevance. The sad state of Ukip highlights just how the Parliamentary system self-corrects around the two main parties which is why we believe there is a need for a Blue Revolution. The Parliamentary system is the problem with democracy in Britain, not as the parties would have us believe just the electoral system!

Finally the Lib Dems. The Tories have made a calculated error over their manifesto the Lib Dems have done the same thing on an almost catastrophic scale by saying they will subvert the will of the British people by using Parliament to frustrate Brexit. In doing this they are not only counter-revolutionary they are neither Liberal or Democratic. They have probably set back for a generation their cause, a cause that could have seen them over ten or fifteen years replace the hapless Labour party as it stumbles into a kind of post-industrial muddled Marxist senility.