A message to Mumsnet about the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn.

It was undoubtedly the young, the mums and the returnicks from UKIP who collectively swung the vote for Labour and did for the Tories. The Tories and we mean the whole Parliamentary party have no-one to blame but themselves. Rather than have a charismatic male or female leader, the other charismatic males and one female agreed to have Theresa May lead them, thus avoiding a contest for leadership involving another ego driven charismatic. They knew her and rather than have say, Boris Johnson, or Andria Leadsome, they turned a blind eye to Theresa Mays obvious campaign failings and now they are paying the price, and so potentially is the country.

It has allowed Jeremy Corbyn to go all virtue signalling and economically illiterate on electors and they have lapped it up. However, the politics of Jeremy Corbyn are half-baked, and in his case half understood, ideas plucked from the Manifesto of the Communist Party  (1848)  combined with a desire to survive fractious and sometimes dangerous hard left Islington politics by ‘sort of’ agreeing with every nut job on the left wing, but over a “nice cup of tea”.

Jeremy Corbyn is an ideological lightweight but can ‘work’ a crowd. This is particularly so if the crowd is made up of people with a feeling of entitlement to ‘state’ money. He is a kind of old, grey Arianna Grande of politics. People love to be seen supporting him and he has done the Labour party proud, as you can sense from the amount of ejaculate issuing forth from the now grateful Blairites. However whilst Corbyn may have learnt how to survive Islington politics, when the Borough was (and may still be) home to the headquarters of an array of global militants and ‘people’s armies’, all hell bent on suppressing women, killing Jewish people, blowing people up, his style of politics hides the reality that these people have moved mainstream into the Labour Party. Just look at the threats and trolling!

Jeremy Corbyn’s style of politics hides the reality from people because the pacifist he was and is, would cause him to listen to them ‘non-judgmentally’ and in a spirit of agreement and thus he would not be able to disagree, possibly out of fear. The fact that people like this have moved into the mainstream Labour Party and yet are invisible to the Mumsnet voter who only sees Blairism with a cuddly old fuddy-duddy face promising them money for poor people, is truly frightening.

Corbyn’s handlers present him as a harmless old geezer with a bunch of Blairites as a party. This is not what the Corbyn Labour party is about. It has a mainstream party membership generally confused about their identity but with a Marxist-Leninist establishment steering the Corbyn bandwagon to victory. It is so desperate for members it doesn’t know who is a member or what they believe.

Labour Party core values have been disposed of in the Bureaucratic proto Marxist-Leninist hell-hole that is Corbyn’s Labour. “Of course, we will talk to men who beat women and exclude them from local councils, and support gender segregation”. “Yes, of course, we will talk to violent thugs who hate the West and its values, we don’t like capitalism either”! Yes, of course, we will talk to those who would persecute or even kill Gay people or Jewish people, or suppress assertive females, but please please let’s do it over a nice cup of tea”! You could make this stuff up but you don’t need to.