A Blue Revolution

A warm welcome

If you are a working person in the public sector at a tactical or operational level or you work in the private sector or you are self-employed you will be the sort of person we are looking for to become members of, and involved with, A Blue Revolution.

We are a party for those who work for, or pay for, a malfunctioning state system that creates millionaires at the top and dependence at the bottom. Whilst our best jobs were exported abroad,  a sad but idle class of welfare dependent second and third generation unemployed industrial and agricultural workers has been created to drain us of tax revenue via welfare.

This system doesn’t function on our tax alone, it requires debt to subsidise the state’s earnings. All sorts of market distortions have been created to ensure the system delivers debt based money to the rich and supports the government. Market distortions like inflated house prices caused by family breakdown, immigration and student indebtedness.  Or alternatively, the minimum wage that drives down wages, to a government “minimum. This quickly became a maximum for many working people.

So, the state goes on cutting back services to the people and cutting public sector jobs. At the same time, they talk of increasing taxes and National Insurance to working people.

We have an eighteen-century legal system, a nineteenth-century political system and a twentieth-century health, welfare and education system. It’s time for a real progressive change.

Please join, campaign and get involved.