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Are the “liberal elite” naive, stupid or evil…..or all three. We consider some evidence. V2

The liberal elite; those custodians of our two party state and binary Parliamentary system have come in for a rough time recently. It’s been one disaster after another with the most recent being the inability of most of them to call the recent General Election result. The binary two party system with its fetishizing of adversarial politics has started to fail because it is reliant on promoting tribal self-interest underpinned by a docile and obliging population encouraged to see the benefits of buying into the benign state idea but only as long as the “State” works for them. The British Broadcasting Corporation colludes shamelessly with the political party elites and far from swerving allegations of “bias” actively promote bias against new entrants to the political system. They are allowed to do this by the absence of law preventing it, we presume to encourage “strong” government.

Unfortunately, they are naive to think this is the right way of doing politics in the 21st century. In a socially engineered pluralist and diverse nation shoehorning opinion into two camps creates the very environment for apathy and the slogan politics so loved of the hard left and far right. It leaves most people feeling angry and un represented but no one from moderate left or right will challenge it or the right of public bodies like the BBC to promote it with their lazy “reductive polarities” masquerading as debate. It won’t be challenged because huge party political bureaucracies will decline and with their decline will decline opportunities for lobbying, promoting vested interests and the maintenance of the self-interest of politicians themselves. Just like UKIP has declined so would the Labour Party and Tories if the paradigm was to be broken, as of course, it should be. It is clearly time for a change.

So that is the nieve bit. The belief by the elite that the Westminster or Washington political machine an essentially 18th-century systems still work for the benefit of the many, not the few. Of course, it works after a fashion, but only for them! The many find themselves paying for the few and that few includes Corbyn’s Labour party. So what about stupidity?

Well, having created a diverse cultural community which in some social and economic contexts has worked against the interests of the indigenous working classes and moreover having done it within a collapsing or indeed collapsed capitalist system, the liberal elite has allowed a new type of business environment to develop, the post industrial “free market”. This new business model relies on indebtedness to create wealthy people via mass consumption by poorer people plus bogus state investment like HS2, mass housing, welfare etc. The state itself, of course, spends billions on maintaining its own army of £100K+ consumers both employed and retired. All This government spending or waste is of course paid for by tax payers and their children’s children. The economics are bad enough but the morality which goes with this system blows a great big hole in any notion of moral convergence towards a liberal moral consensus. It promotes the sale of immorality as a fashion accessory. However, to avoid the calamity of moral conflict, moral relativism comes to the rescue for the liberal elite. They thus ignore people with appalling moral ideas that would if heard offend them, they simply don’t ask the questions.

In the world of the “stupid” liberal elite, no one considers the implications of a planet gobbling free market commodifying everything for consumption including families, relationships, even peoples genitalia on porn channels is marketed aggressively. TV shows like “Love Island” or “Naked Attraction” become a good recruitment film for domestic ISIS sympathisers. As abroad ISIS struggle to maintain their “rubble” age culture they see that we in the west are morally no better than them. But they would satisfy themselves that there is religiously sanctioned male authority underpinning their abuse, as opposed to the moral free for all that reflects our low moral “free market” standards. They recognise the extent of the excrement of western civilisation in a way we can’t and rather than see our Shakespeare and Mozart as reference points for Western culture they see only our “shame” and they, of course, believe they have the answer to our shame and sinfulness.

To the stupid liberal elite, all this is Ok. People can be free to waste their hard borrowed money on consumer tatt whilst the elite cream off our debt as income and lord it over the increasingly impoverished masses. The stupid elite doesn’t see that the middle, lower middle and working classes are in decline as more of them through indebtedness and paying for education and “care” morph imperceptibly into the new pauper class, the now fabled underclass. The underclass is a horrible term for a class created by the political elite from industrial and agricultural workers who had their jobs exported and class consciousness undermined. Debt and the immorality funded by debt, plus the underclass funded by welfare offends many who are religious or observant. Drunk feral women for example, or drunk feral men not only outrage public decency they are a rallying point for the demand for a new strict moral framework that advocates sanctions which are not only pre industrial they are almost pre Biblical. But the stupid elite doesn’t see that. They turn a blind eye and keep on forking out taxpayers cash to maintain demand and GDP.

The state of western culture may explain the casual way a few second and third generation immigrants of perhaps Pakistani or North African descent in 21st century Britain will refer to stonings and amputations as a way of tackling these essentially “moral” social problems. To the Elite the underclass is a class in need of health care and welfare to the intolerant religious bigot they are an irrelevant social nuisance, a nuisance to be controlled or eradicated. When confronted by the reality of their underclass the liberal elite quickly move on. No Tim Farron type interrogations of the Muslim faithful from them. It might prove them to have been at best nieve and at worst stupid, creating their “diversity” and then tolerating sexual and racial discrimination within that diversity and finally giving up any notion they understand the social and political environment they have created.

And that brings us nicely to evil. Is any of this, as the lawyers would say, done with intent. Well, much of it is, unfortunately. The liberal elite will avoid any “narrative” that would question the legitimacy of the Saudi’s to buy our weapons whilst promoting with their savage technological feudal system; stonings, crucifixions and beheadings. They also know that it is the poor and increasingly the middle classes who are getting into debt either by themselves or with the connivance of the state. We have seen wars and financial crises but one thing is always clear, once debt is monetized in the hands of the wealthy it becomes their passport to a new life, a life in a sunny part of the world where morality might be strict, and far away from “Love Island” and the workless underclass but where wealth buys privilege for those who can behave themselves and can afford it. Think Blair et al.

Within our western culture, the elite is slowly bankrupting us, undermining our values with welfare and a lack of proper economically valuable employment or valuable social employment, destroying our planet and creating a political environment that could herald a return to discrimination, hatred and fear via polararised debate. When it happens, when the western hegemony collapses, the rich and their elites will abandon us to what ever fate befalls our once hardworking, decent and tolerant culture. Nieve stupid or evil? Probably all three.