“Are you a Marxist”? No of course he isn’t he is part of a socialist elite who like Lenin want to use the bourgeois state to repress the workers. Read on.

John McDonnell was asked this question and seems to have had difficulty answering it. Leading to the obvious conclusion that of course, he is a Marxist….shock horror to all right-thinking people. He probably sees himself as a Marxist, a man with a scientific insight into the fundamentals of the misfiring capitalist economy. Except for err…he really isn’t.

John and the assorted collection of shhhhhhhh “Marxists” in the ranks of the Labour party are not Marxists at all. They are socialists and not only that their confused “messaging” reveals that they are not really democratic “socialists” but nasty trolling socialists who would like to use the bourgeois state to take control of the economy and that includes its workers and of course silence dissent. Real Modern Marxists would accept as Marx would have, the bourgeois values of freedom of speech, of conscience, of lifestyle, of contract, choice and consent but reject the bourgeois state which crystalised exploitation and the exclusion of workers from decisions about the economy.

When has the state really represented the workers and promoted worker involvement? Whether it is the 1970’s and the state on behalf of the workers was “running” industries like rail or coal mining or the 1920’s with Lenin’s Russian state “running” industries on behalf of workers, workers never feel particularly empowered.

So our “Marxists” as they unashamedly promote, simply want to run the economy under public ownership as though they owned it. This is the tried and tested model of failure we have seen for nearly a century. Our “Marxists” are simply public ownership socialists who tax and spend using debt. Not fully grown up Marxists. Our observations, however, beg a very important question, If McDonnell et al are not Marxists, who is?

Well, we are nearer to it than any socialist can ever be. We believe in redistribution of wealth but unlike “Marxist” McDonnell we don’t count debt or it’s derivatives in the form of free market profitability as wealth. We don’t see the state as being anything other than a burden on workers who have to pay tax to pay for inefficient waste and an army of bureaucrats meddling in the economy. We believe in worker involvement in the economy and society via a wide legislative structure and not the 18th-century party system. For an example of what a modern democratic Marxist might believe, and we are not being big headed here, please read our manifesto.