Given the west’s economic paradigm is busted, what do we make of the two main party conferences?

The Labour Party conference was typical of a reunion of old left wing windbags. Living the dream of “smashing the hated Tories” decades after the Tories stopped being a threat to anyone but themselves. Corbyn really believes he has set the country on fire with his skilled orations. In reality though his supporters have no idea what is really going on, who is shafting who and what they should do about it. So they buy into the simplicities of 1970’s “socialism” because it is a familiar blast from the past for many, and beats returning to pot smoking or thinking for yourself. Get the megaphone out and chant “what do we want…..the Tories out…..when do we want it……NOW!” It’s a great way to stay fit and get some fresh air in middle age. For the Facebook generation it’s simply about shifting their debt onto the States books.

One thing Comrade Corbyn did get right however was that politics has drifted the “centre ground” to the left….He isn’t totally stupid. However the Tories having moved left don’t really have the intellectual heft to understand why they have had to do that. They think it is because Corbyn’s ideas are so compelling, to stand any chance of power in the future the gravity of politics has to move towards Corbyn. Of course this is nonsense.

Politics moved the centre ground to the right under the hated Blair and stayed right through Brown and Cameron emerging still right wing but failing under Mrs May. Up until the managerial Mrs May, there was a beautiful planetary alignment which saw a rather silly ideology consolidate around a handful of right wing simplicities. Most notable of these simplicities was a belief in the power of the liberated free market to deliver economic and social justice through personal and government debt.

Of course not only could an unregulated free market not deliver social justice, the economics of this system were brutal too, as the bottom 50% of the population saw their jobs disappear abroad, their wage levels pushed to the minimum wage by waves of unskilled migration, and their personal debt rocket to pay for an empty meaningless lifestyle which subsidised the top 50% with income from the poorer peoples personal debt.

This people is the most immoral system ever created by man. A system where the poor are forcibly indebted by their government to pay for a wealthy elite. It is slavery in all but name.

However the miserable saga doesn’t end there. Blair and Cameron and Osborne were convinced that this post industrial economic system would work. But of course it has to feed some kind of value in to support the debt and that value was the fluctuating value of stock and property which even when cleverly packaged as a “collateralised debt obligation” still failed the sniff test. Hence the aftermath in 2007/08

So with the western economic model still failing under the assumed auspicious conditions of the right….the only possible option for the average person is that there maybe something on the left that can sort out the obvious fact that Anglo Saxon economics is finished. And so we have Jeremy and his happy band of conned and deluded students and overweight 1970’s and 1980’s student activists complete with megaphones tempted back to perform angry protest. A sort of new Angry Brigade, all primed and ready to do business sorting out the system. But this will be by getting the poor old taxpayer into more debt whilst looking after the interests of the Labour party, its supporters and interest groups.

So what does Blue Revolution make of all this. Well we believe the western model is to coin a phrase a house built on sand. There is no way of avoiding the stark truth of that and so we need to stop talking politics based on parties and have a democracy based on realism, not short term party self interest.

We can’t afford the modern British state. The political Parties all want to run the State but they can’t, it’s unaffordable, unfit for purpose and needs massive reform. They can’t do that reform. The Left wing and the right wing have no suggestions as to how we can save our country and our culture so our country and culture are seriously at risk from them.

Oh and people wonder why there is an increase in Anti Semitism in the Labour Party. Apart from the religious composition of Northern Constituencies the reason is that they know that their policy of debt and more debt won’t solve the West’s or Britains problems and will only make matters significantly worse. Who do you blame when you have actually made matters worse, perhaps existentially worse. Well you don’t blame yourself or the people who vote for you…you blame mankind’s Shylock, Fagin or money lender….you blame the Jews. It was never your borrowing that is to blame….it was their lending! That is even if Jewish business still run the banks. Our guess is they got out of banking years ago!

So what of the party conferences. Well they have both reflected the shift left from Blairs shift right. But neither party has an answer as the answer is less of them and more of a State run democratically by people with the values morals and skills to do it properly in everyone’s interest. Not simply the short term party interest!