How some British people in France (and some French Nationals) feel about Brexit!

I am so fed up with those ghastly crew in Brussels and how our government seems to be grovelling to please them and do just as they demand that I have written a couple of times to my MP (I voted for her in the General Election as my UK voting address is Horncastle.

Here’s my first letter
Dear Victoria Atkins MP,
Although I currently live in France, you are the MP I voted for at the last general election as my last UK address was in Horncastle.
I voted for BREXIT as I felt/feel that British citizens should have an elected government, not an unelected one based in Brussels.
In France if you want a job done and the cost exceeds EU150.00, the service provider must, by law, provide a ‘devis’ in advance, setting out the labour and parts cost, thus one knows the final cost before entering into a contract (by signing the devis).
With the proposed settlement of the EU demands on the UK for an exit fee of (currently) £40-50 BILLION, does the British government have a breakdown of costs, or is this just an amount that the EU thinks would be a happy amount?
And what are we getting for that amount? What is the contract associated with this huge amount?
If we just go for a ‘no deal’ would that cost more than £40-50 BILLION?I would appreciate an answer to these questions from Mr Davies.
Thank you
Yours sincerely,

Oot of sheer frustration a second letter!!

Dear Victoria Atkins MP
I have written previously on the subject of BREXIT, with questions stated as being forwarded to David Davies (no response as yet).

I am writing from France but my postal vote in the General Election was for you as my last UK address was in Horncastle, I voted for BREXIT in the referendum.

I want to express through you the utter anger and frustration at the way our government is approaching the mandarins of Brussels, making through-the-night trips to beg indulgence and bowing and scraping, metaphorically speaking, in the face of every demand, in order to gain – what? Just to continue talking? This is not only amazing but it is humiliating and degrading.

The EU personnel in Brussels are not army generals with a fearsome army at our walls, they are a bunch of self elected civilians with delusions of grandeur and power.

Mrs May is not a night nurse to hurry along and dress the wounded pride of these upstarts. If Brussels wants a deal, let them come to us, we can well manage without one, our friendly European neighbours want and need to deal with the UK more than the other way around.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Paris


There’s so much prancing around to the tune of Brussels, when are we going to start behaving in a dignified way?