Identity politics hate crime and PC. It could all be due to a little known ‘Marxist’ called Gramasci.

Why have our long fought for legitimate 18th-century values (bourgeois values!)  of free speech and free expression come under attack from our 18th-century bourgeois institutions of Parliament, Church of England, and Local authorities?

In 1997 a revolution began, based on the writings of a little known early 20th century Italian  ‘Marxist’ called Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci departed from orthodox Marxism outrageously, because he believed the bureaucracy of the State should be used to manipulate the working class rather than the working class rise up and dominate the State.

This Gramscian revolution has systematically undermined values for working people all over Europe ever since it’s advocates entered power. In the Uk, the “revolution” was initially spearheaded following the election of Tony Blair who arrived with a wide-ranging agenda to deliver modernisation for a Britain he saw as old-fashioned, prejudiced and backwards looking.

We didn’t need him to do anything, of course, we were well on the way to modernising our culture without him. We accepted Tom Robinson in the 1970’s, Bronski Beat in the 1980’s and we have accepted all sorts of “lifestyle choices” since the end of World War Two.  Even so, many of us had to endure workshop after workshop in workplaces, schools and universities from 1997 onwards to correct our faulty thinking.

This was an all-encompassing interference from our state institutions.  This secular theology was hell-bent on instilling perverse oppressive values in an open-minded and tolerant society. Hate Crime or as we call it Thought Crime, became a mainstay of this needless “revolution”. It effectively undermined free-thinking working people for whom it was not in the interests of the Blair/EU neo-liberal elite to have a thinking working class. The elite desired an “engineered compliance” or alternatively an “indoctrinated subservience” among its working people.

The Blair EU agenda had a multicoloured rainbow of “identity groups” all seemingly in need of the power of the benign state bureaucracy to protect their unique vulnerabilities from an ill-defined “mob” of hate-filled homophobes, racists and Islamophobes. Thus the “proletariat” under this system was “differentiated” Into the Gay community, racial minorities, industrial and public sector workers, and people of minority faiths like Islam. Marx would have spun in his grave. This would have been seen by he and Engels as the Bureaucratic state manipulating the values of the people and preventing the emergence of a revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat.

The whole enterprise required “intellectuals” to maintain the purity of this progressive agenda.  Maybe student loans were introduced to get the youth into Universities where the institutions would act as instruments of Blair’s programme of indoctrination.  Blairs incantation of “Education, Education, Education” claim spells it out quite clearly. The “snowflakes” are certainly in the mould of Blairs agenda.

However, the problem for Blair, Cameron and May is that this agenda assumed the success of other branches of the Neo-Con project such as democracy flourishing in the Middle East. What happened as we know is this, shorn of their feudal systems the migrants from the destroyed economies or Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya along with the more established Pakistan and Bangladeshi communities became outspoken about the failings of our values and yet could arrogantly promote their own values and the destruction of ours, whilst we are forced to remain silent with Hate Crime the alternative to our free speech.

Those groups who oppose British values have no tradition of free speech or women’s equality and so have no interest in the Blair revolution except that it provides an opportunity to undermine British values whilst promoting their own. Our values we have fought to get for 200 years and to secure them for all working people, now they are under threat from our political elite. It’s all so 14th century.