Introduction to our soon to be published new manifesto.

Dear Voter,

Have you heard of the expression: ‘when you need something to believe in, start with yourself?’ This is a comment often cited, and, at its very essence, is ‘truth’. Basically, if you want something badly enough, then you have to do it yourself; you cannot rely on others to accomplish what you want to achieve.

This mind-set transposes from day-to-day activities to the world of ‘politics’, be it at a national, regional or local level. The attitude amongst the majority of people on the electoral roll amounts to ‘Oh not again’, ‘just get on with it’, or ‘my vote doesn’t change a single thing, so why bother?’ Hence, low turn-outs at elections are an inevitability, which benefits those with a vested interest. It is that ‘elite’ who, through an assumed apathy and distrust of the existing political system shown by the voters, are able to be elected by default and thus become very comfortable as a democratically elected representative who does not have the support of the majority of voters but revels on those who did not turn out to vote, because of a total distrust in the current system.

Of course, under any democratic system, it is your right to vote as you choose. This is not under dispute. What is questionable, however, is this: if you vote for a traditional party under the English electoral system, is your voice really being heard? If you reflect on that question, are you satisfied that you are making an impact? Or, is there a doubt in your mind: a voice that says: ‘my opinion counts for nothing: my vote perpetuates the status quo where those with vested interests are able to pursue their personal interests behind the guise of a democratic election?

This is why the average person on the street; the office worker, the teacher, the shelf-stacker, the unemployed, the homeless, the nurse, the refuse disposal operatives, to give them the politically correct description, otherwise known as dustbin men guys, the student, in fact anyone, has no real faith in traditional politics, or even dare I say, in new politics. This needs to be corrected: quickly and without delay, because otherwise we, as a population, are prepared to be consumed by a system which does not care for us, does not appreciate our feeling and perceptions, but chooses to ignore them at their convenience. And do you know what: I accept that premise; ‘I get it’. I have often felt that living in a particular location, necessarily implies that however I vote won’t make a single jot of difference, so why bother voting: nothing will change despite my opinion, so quite frankly I can’t be bothered.

Are you correct in your assumptions? Once, I would have said ‘Yes’: now, I say ‘No’. Why has this shift come about? It is quite simple: I have become aware of The Blue Revolution.

It is important from the outset to state that this organisation is not a political party in the accepted understanding of the phrase. In essence, it is a political ‘movement’. My first concern was an incorrect implication I arrived that: ‘blue’ being the colour of the Conservative Party, which indeed it is, just as ‘Red’ is synonymous with the Labour Party and

‘yellow’ is the colour adopted by the Lib-Dems. In the instance of The Blue Revolution the colour refers to ‘blue collar people’: the anonymous person often quoted as being Mr or Mrs Average, who are disregarded as being not within the determinants of ‘need’ and also not within the realms of the ‘wealthy’ who, frankly, are not concerned with everyday issues anyway given their immense wealth.

The Blue Revolution is an entirely new concept in political thinking. Here is an approach to politics which welcomes political thought from any stance. Here is an approach which can totally restructure the accepted norms of political interaction. Here is an organisation which accepts and incorporates the input from the electorate without assumptions drawn. Here is a way of thinking which breaks through the traditional divide and welcomes views from any perspective and appreciates the contributions from a diversity of inputs, rather than disregarding them without any fear of retribution, since they are safely ensconced within the establishment that adopts a ‘laissez-faire’ conceptualisation.

The Blue Revolution has, at its essence, a goal of reconciliation: It accepts that people are disillusioned with politics at whatever level, be it national, regional or local. How many times have you heard expressions such as this with regard to Brexit: ‘please, just get on with it and stop arguing?’ We accept the premise that ‘from little acorns, great Oaks grow’. We are not going to take over the leadership of the UK parliament for the foreseeable future: probably never; most definitely never.

What we can do, however, is make a start. By that, we mean on the local level, here in Boston.

We can make certain promises. We cannot be ‘whipped’ into a traditional party political system. That is because we are apart from that ideology: we are free-thinking individuals who will take on board the opinions from any political viewpoint, in full acceptance of what has been divulged to us.

We can make a difference: a ‘real’ difference and here is the reason why. We will address the issues that affect you, as a resident of Boston, but without political confines. Whatever you think is a positive about our town which needs highlighting, or indeed a negative which needs investigation and relevant action, The Blue Revolution could be in a position to respond to you in a way that traditional party politics cannot do, especially in a Borough Council election, when one has to consider whether national party alliances have anything relevant to add to the local concerns and issues relating to our town.

We, as an organisation, rather than a pre-determined labelled political party, would very much appreciate your support in our journey to ‘question’ what is accepted. We will attempt to do this in the spirit of inclusion, as opposed to exclusion, which the existing system necessarily encapsulates and encourages.

Believe in yourself; question your opinions, and support your local Blue Revolution candidate. You know you want to, so here is your chance.