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Is there misogyny at the root of the left’s current obsession with transgenderism?

Most ordinary people have had a sufficient raising of their consciousness not to be too concerned or indeed perplexed by an individuals desire to “transition”. As most ordinary people consider it to be a matter for the individual. Push them a little harder and they will possibly say it is not a matter for the taxpayer. However, the bourgeois rights to contract, choose and consent in reality means that this like so much else in a civilised community is down to the individual concerned. It doesn’t require any further analysis.

Oh but wait…the intellectual left feel the urge to promote the issue to the point where their opinions start to reveal the rather unpleasant underbelly of their prejudice, a kind of “left-wing shadow self”. How so? Well, a young person transitioning from male to female called Lilly wanted to be included in “woman of the year”. There was a lot of unpleasant “trolling” before the “intellectual” left came along in support of the position Lilly had adopted that “a trans woman is still a woman”. Well, sadly this position is insulting to women, in the same way, that a white person “appropriating” Black culture and changing their skin colour, is insulting to black people.

By adopting the position they have, the “intellectual” left have shown themselves again to be misogynistic in that they are happily demeaning the experience of being a woman in what is the hostile and unfemale-friendly culture of the 21st century. From Saidi Arabia to London and New York women are indexed, categorised and preyed upon, abused, executed and murdered based on gender plus class; looks and desirability; race, status and lifestyle. No transitioning male to female can “appropriate” that negative experience of being born a woman and to deny the relevance of that life experience when it is so significant. It is as we have said an insult to women the world over.

So what is the answer? Well it is quite simple really we either have to get rid of gender and all “characteristics” so anyone can be anything, a woman can try for “man of the year” and vice versa, or we simply stick to gender as like race having “cultural status” and discourage or prevent inappropriate “cultural appropriation”. Mind you we could simply start a “Trans man or woman of the year” award and get over the whole issue and move on!.