Lessons for Labour and the Tories….and the rest!

What happens when the democratic process in the Western world fails to deliver elected administrations that can run the State and preserve the Nation on behalf of her people? In the past the solution to the problem of failing States was revolution of a gory and bloody kind. In Britain and the US and elsewhere, whole Nations of people are struggling to find a party who is capable of reflecting the complex demands of the 21st in the way their Nation is run by their State. Nations of individuals all of whom have different demands and expectations, be they social or economic are thus being let down by their State. Just look at the long term unemployed to see this failure at its most stark.

The problem for the Labour party is that it is a party of the Socialist State, not a party of the individual. Marx stated clearly a socialist’s job was to wrestle power, wealth and privilege off of the capitalist and create a socialist State. This is basically what we have now, a State that since WWII has introduced a system of state ownership, regulation and welfare. However Marx also said the story concludes with the State “withering away”. This withering away is the transfer of power to the people. The Labour Party can’t do it because socialism makes it is a party of the State. It would have to abolish itself in the process of passing “power to the people”. So a State run by a Labour Party under Corbyn will consolidate power not give it away….Scary stuff if you listen to them ranting on.

The Tories are not wedded to the notion of the state running the Nation like an expensive ideological experiment as are Labour. However their pragmatism maintains the status quo in a fast moving world. Thus we are left tottering on the kerb as the rest of the world shoots by. The Tories need to grasp that being less ideological, it is they who are best placed to deliver more power to the Nation’s People. But they are unlikely to do so for similar reasons to Labour. Preservation of the party brand.

To save the British Nation, Labour need to get over themselves as a party and hand power to the people not their party and the Tories need to realise that the future of Britain and the survival of her values is more important than even the Tory Party.