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Macron the “revolutionary”- some mistake surely and should the UK worry?

Like Trump in the US, Emmanuel Macron sees himself as a visionary, like us starting his own party within the last twelve months. Like Trump, he sees himself as a saviour of the people.

Trump boasted that he was going to give power back to the people. In the nation of ‘pork barrel’ politics,  wealthy special interests, not to say the might of the industrial-military establishment and gun lobby amongst other lobbies, Trump’s ambition can only be a hollow promise at best. The problem is that people will remain locked out of the “system” being consumers of policy not producers and beneficiaries of it. The same applies to Macron.

In a statement, Macron claims to be able to “tackle the failed political system” and then comes up with Blairite ‘third way’ policies that will essentially liberalise the labour and financial markets that enable businesses and banks to sell debt and drive consumption to levels that will only be sustained and profitable in the medium term if work is off-shored or undertaken by migrant labour. It will be a consumption revolution but will not become a blue collar revolution, it will simply be another triumph of the state and the states mates, over the individual. The most vulnerable will suffer and then like Blair, Marcon will take to the international ‘hot air circuit’ and bullshit on behalf of the Bilderberg group. What Macron and Trump don’t get is that ‘revolution’ is not about policy but about how the state designs and delivers policy and for both men, the mechanics of the state remain unchanged. Therefore the people will continue to be ‘done to’ rather than being active participants in Blue Revolutionary change.

So what is going to happen in France and should the UK worry. Basically, in our view, there is no change across the channel. The French “Reds” will riot and start fires etc. The whole package of policies will disintegrate under the sheer weight of internal opposition and this will all be happening as Britain is telling the EU that unless we get a good deal from Brexit we will become an offshore tax haven to the collapsing French economy.

Marcon and Trump both elites and with an elite’s vested interests cannot deliver the new democracy and a new post-war, and in the case of Marcon post-EU settlement. They both need to look at the system, but they won’t because the system is why they are where they are!