Minutes of the Blue Revolution AGM Friday 30th March 2018.


Tom Gilbert
Darron Abbott
Mark Baker
Richard Thornalley
Mike Gilbert
Toby Gilbert


Ros P-L
Mark R

Report on the year from Nominating Officer 

16th March 2017 became party general election campaign, run in a council by-election, facebook page, twitter and we have a website and have a bank account and 3 words on urban dictionary.

Consider the statement of accounts

Approved. Proposed by Mike Gilbert and seconded by Richard Thornalley. The account has no funds as of the 31st December but has had £876.60 donations and expenditure on two elections.

Proposals for the year ahead

Agreed to DA paying the Electoral Commission £25.00 to maintain the party registration. PROPOSED BY Tom Gilbert AND SECONDED BY Richard Thornalley.

Electoral Commission Descriptions

Mark explained that he felt that the political system was top heavy and that we needed to get the politics of the Uk bottom up and what needs to change is the Party system. Parties do what is right for the party. Politicians work in the interests of themselves and the party. Mark described the six thinking hats saying intelligent people spend too much time arguing. End punch and Judy politics.

The Platform for Ending Party Politics

A Platform that doesn’t make you accountable to them

Giving democracy to the people

Democracy by the people

Pure democracy

The End of Elitism

Agreed that the description “The platform for ending party politics” would replace all the others. MG and MB to update the EC database.

Promotions  ( Blue Revolution a platform NOT a Party)

How’s the social media profile going?

Twitter MG twitters. DA commented that some of the content was quite complex and needed to reach more ordinary people. To achieve a wider appeal MB to get some images to tweet. TG suggested a Category for Boston related material on the website.

Categories for other parts of the country.

Website: Very good. Try to link pat post to current topical trends and issues.

Facebook. We don’t have a Facebook page. We need a Facebook page Darron to talk to Nathan B about setting one up.

Candidates for 2019

Discuss where and if people will stand.


Football cards. MG/RT to look into the legalities of offering these on a 1/3 basis with the venue hosting the cards.

Letters to donors. MG and TC to draft something

Donations from members. MG, RT and DA will make donations.

Election of or reappointment of Officers

  1. Leader Tom Gilbert
  2. Treasurer Darron Abbott
  3. Nominating Officer Mike Gilbert
  4. Fourth officer Richard Thornalley



Discussion about letters to press.