AGM 2024 Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Blue Revolution political Group held on Weds 31st January 2024 at 22 Tower Street, Boston, PE21 8RX.


Jody Raggo, Gavin Lee, Ros Parker-Lee, Chris Dorrington, Mark Baker, Richard Thornalley, Carol Broomfield-Douglass, Mike Gilbert.

Apologies -Toby Gilbert, Tristan Gilbert. Jess Hall.

Mandatory Items

1) Minutes of last year’s meeting approved.

2) Accounts:

Jody presented the accounts for the financial year 2022-2023.

Opening balance of 734.70 as of 31.12.22

The Group received £825.00 in donations.

Expenditure was £680.58

Balance as at 31.12.23-  £879.12

The accounts were accepted and signed by Jody Raggo and Ros Parker- Lee.

3) Election of Officers

Leader: It was proposed by Mike Gilbert and seconded by Richard Thornalley that Ros Parker-Lee should continue as Leader. It was passed unanimously.

Treasurer: It was proposed by Chris Dorrington and seconded by Carol Broomfield- Douglass that Jody Raggo, should continue as Treasurer. It was passed unanimously.

Nominating Officer. Tristan Gibert resigned from the position of Nominating Officer, and it was proposed by Mike Gilbert and seconded by Richard Thornalley that Gavin Lee should be Nominating Officer. It was carried unanimously.

The post of secretary is not a requirement of the Electoral Commission, but it was agreed that such a position is usually helpful. It was proposed by Carol Broomfield Douglass and seconded by Chris Dorrington that Mike Gilbert should take on the role of secretary. It was unanimously agreed.

Non mandatory items.

  1. Membership was discussed: issues around people joining but disengaging. Time issues are a feature as is a misunderstanding about the nature of independent politics. 
  2. Discussion about the description ‘Politician’ it was agreed we should avoid this term as it is toxic.
  3. Richard suggested we start thinking about the Lincolnshire County council elections in 2025 at the next meeting.
  4. Discussion about the current and future advertising campaigns.

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