Are we at risk of destroying values of equality because they are identified as ‘western’ values?

The problem with the United Nations is that it has a perspective on the world shaped by two beliefs. The first is that western nations exploited black nations economically which is by and large true and secondly that it is now time to correct that by undermining western values. The problem for the UN and the culturally illiterate white elite is that they are being encouraged to undermine western values on the back of attacking past economic inequality. The worlds current inequality is not caused by western values which seek to liberate individuals but by religion, autocracy and ignorance. Characteristics we in the west are still fighting to remove in some places.

Firstly capitalism may have been a western ideology but it was only controlled by a minority of western people. Most white families at the height of the capitalist system, say around 1900 were exploited. There was no white privilege for them. Women didn’t have the vote and working-class men had only recently acquired it. Capitalism was an unfair system but it was capable of being made less unfair as workers became better educated and demanded rights that existed at first only for the capitalist class.

Thus the experience of workers improved as they were able to gain the vote, gain access to education, clean and safe working environments and could exercise the principles that underpinned capitalism namely contract, choice and consent.

Contract, choice and consent are the economic principles of capitalism that were slowly extended to more and more workers. It is these principles which are now under threat because the modern western elite and a growing number of nations in the developing world fail to see that whilst exploitation may have been unfair and wrong it reflected in economic terms rights we have now extended to more and more people. These economic rights have now assumed a social character and underpin ‘liberal’, personal and ‘human’ rights.

Being ignorant of the role of capitalism in creating individual rights is why rights are being undermined by an assault on what is seen as white western culture by the identity left-wing. Capitalism might have begun as  ‘white’ culture but the economic and social rights it has created need to be extended to more communities and societies and not be undermined by crude racism based on ignorance of the role capitalism has played in liberating people of all races from cultures that enslave, discriminate and kill.