So the result is known a hung parliament and the return of two party politics; Hurrah for the Tories and Labour.

Disappointing though a return to the 1970’s is, it was clearly on the cards for both main parties Labour with their offer to the young of jam tomorrow and the Tories with their third attempt at project fear. Both managed to attract voters back from smaller parties and maintain the political hegemony. It was like the Heath and Wilson years. Labour with a more appealing cream tea as opposed to the Conservatives threats of Marxism today under Labour. Labour clearly got the youth vote and the vote of those who have been getting the brunt of the Tories ‘austerity’ measures. Austerity it really wasn’t it just didn’t feel very generous and so fed into Labour’s instinct for manufacturing class war even when the only real classes there are these days are the working class and those on welfare.

So we have a depleted Tory party in the HoC and a resurgent Labour party. However, from the perspective of a Blue Revolution, it is all just another attempt to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic rather than spot the financial iceberg and steer the ship away from it. The main parties can only offer palliative care to the British economy and society because A) they don’t trust the public to assist them with the task of sorting the problems out and B) the institutions of the state which make so many people very rich will resist reform at all costs. For example, why should we pay for a refurb of Parliament? Turn it into a museum and open a new ‘virtual’ parliament in Milton Keynes based on our legislative college (see manifesto). In a globalised labour market that is exactly what a private company would do. It is what parliamentarians have allowed to happen to our industry and in doing so have created the second and third generation ex-industrial unemployed or as too many of them call them, the underclass. A group that class war Corbyn has seemingly begun to target for their votes.

The real tragedy of this election is that we will be encouraged to think someone both knows what the hell is going on and knows how to fix it, when in fact no really does and no one, apart from us, really cares.