The loathing by the white elite for white middle-aged men. We comment.

Why is it difficult to identify the cause of the distaste for the white middle-aged, middle-class male by the white non-grafting elite. Some have speculated that the elite are ingratiating themselves with the theologians of PC or virtue signalling the new culturally approved piety of cultural Marxism.  Some of these arguments are persuasive and for one commentator Toby Young writing in the Spectator hopes to work out his preferred opinion before he has to part with more television licence fee money as the BBC elite are advocates of getting white middle-aged males off the box.

For Blue Revolution, it is a very straightforward issue, but hard to explain. So here goes. The elite has a hair trigger for ‘class’ being oversensitive about what they see as their own privileged position culturally politically and in the arts. However, they seem unwilling to grasp the fact that class, as anything meaningful in a Marxist sense no longer has relevance and, rather embarrassingly, it has been replaced by a global resurgence of the ancient concept of ‘status’. Obsessing about class and ignoring status allows them to overlook the new post-capitalist structures that have created their own privileged position in life.

In classical Marxist terms, the ‘class of a person is created by the relationship between that person and the means of production and in particular, their role in creating wealth. The modern elites are not therefore defined by ‘class’ but as such but by their status. This is because they have gained and hold power and influence not by exploiting workers in a Marxian sense, but by operating within a closed system that has power and influence paid for by taxation or debt which is taken at source from workers wages, or in the case of the BBC the licence fee.

This creates an embarrassing problem for the ‘right on’ elite. They recognise their own superiority compared to what they incorrectly see as the ‘working class’. However, its difficult to accept their lofty position may be part of the problem based on their own ‘privilege’ because as pseudo-Marxists they adopt the view that they are there to promote as ‘class outsiders’ the interests of the working class and all its minority offshoots be they black, transgender or Gay. This is ‘Blairism’ or ‘Clintonism’. This explains why they still think there is a Capitalist class that needs bashing and don’t see there a privileged class of elites of which they are part.

For the pseudo-Marxist elite, therefore, the only way of maintaining this idea of working-class ‘good’ ‘middle class’ bad, is to turn their back on to those they see as less important members their class group. This is the use of status and status has never been class-based, it is an ancient privilege that is conferred by acquired or inherited power, and is definitely not linked to one’s role in the grubby world of the productive economy.

This privilege passes within families (Kinnock’s/Blairs/Freud’s etc) and allows a person to publicly denounce their own ‘class’ members with a degree of relaxed superiority based on their status. To preserve their status and feel good about their values this high-status elite are able to denounce or sack those of similar ‘class’. All with the connivance of the status-dependent 21st-century’ state’ or the Board of the BBC and then to dress up their values as a war on ‘class’ privilege, as opposed to status. This pretty much explains the battle lines in Brexit. The High-status elite against the lower and middle-status workers.

They get away with it because they understand how the intellectually deficient ‘left’ respond approvingly to ‘dog whistle’ terms like a class privilege and class disadvantage.

The modern world is turning back towards status as in the West ‘class’ as a meaningful way of defining people declines in relevance. Most of the non-capitalist world still reflects ‘status’ which is an ancient form of describing power and importance. In much of the wider world as well as in the West there is no such thing as a modern exploiting middle class so there is no exploited ‘working class’. Even so class privilege rather than status continues to be the elites ‘straw man’ tackled by virtuous pseudo-Marxists whilst they cunningly ignore their own illegitimate status and the illegitimate power that goes with it.