The Marxist of the Modern left and ‘Modern Marx’ himself.

John McDonell, Jeremy Corbyn, Paul Mason all claim some inspiration from Karl Marx. But identifying with Marx is very different from thinking like Marx. It is sadly true that no politician of the modern era thinks like Marx and indeed Lenin, Stalin and Mao would all have been considered ‘false prophets’ by Marx himself. He was a champion of working people and their lived experience. He also disliked the bourgeois attempt to hide its ‘slavery’ under a canopy of righteous concern be it by a charity or the State.

In economics, therefore, how is burdening the working class taxpayer with National Debt by trying to promote the interests of the rich with bourgeois economics in the form of neoclassical Keynesianism in any way Marxist?

In sociology how is the lefts ‘identity’ obsession even remotely promoting the interests of workers when these identity obsessions have abandoned any link to workers lived experience.  The basis for Marxism is in science, not woolly idealism imposed from the top down.

Next time this Marxist ‘holy trinity’ bore the TV viewer with their opinions on how Marxist they are, take it with a pinch of salt. No one who grandstands above the working people is a Marxist. In their case, they are merely well-camouflaged members of the bourgeoisie. Or less politely…..class traitors.