The “mess” of “globalisation” and the collusion of the “left”. Our take on it!

It seems completely crazy but at some point in the last forty years, the global elite decided that with collapsing capitalism at home the future was “engineered” (as opposed to organic) “global” capitalism. Not a global capitalism which brought countries into the “freedom family” of trading nations based on contract, choice and consent, but a global capitalism “gamed” in the interests of failing western economies.

This programme promoted by amongst others Bush, Blair and Clinton has failed spectacularly and has resulted in failed states, failing economies, mass migration and the relentless reduction in western workers real incomes and freedom.

It all started just after Ronald Regan left office (or so we say!). A Republican running a massive budget deficit was a symptom of a crisis in the US economy. American capitalism was on its knees and no one seemed able to rescue it. The only option was to go global. To ensure the primacy of the west in this new global reality it had to be gamed promoting the interests of the west above all others.

This global system being manipulated by the corporate/political elite ensured western economic superiority. The problem was that to maintain this broken system debt has replaced profitability. Workers and governments of the west have had to maintain this system, finding themselves promoting the interests of a global super-elite at their own financial expense. We call this process debtamorphosis.

This debt based model hit the buffers in 2007 and will do again as nothing has changed. The “Left” trill that “austerity” is damaging the economy. They are the useful idiots of the global elite. They are exactly what the global elite want. People prepared to pump taxpayers debt into their global system to keep them rich. We call this western model Secular-Westernism.

In addition to getting greater indebtedness to maintain demand in the western economy, the elite and political “Hawks”, realised there was a need to get cash into the failing western worlds coffers as well. They started to embark on a democratisation project that would “help” to rid nations of their tyrants like Saddam in Iraq, None of this met the test of  “justice” it couldn’t it wasn’t based on Contract, Choice and Consent. It was imposed by force. Tony Blair still believes it was a “just” war. But “justice” in capitalism means contracted and consented to, not forced. The west in this way was acting like a feudal tyrant.

We believe they accepted that there would be collateral damage but reconstruction contracts would assist in the rebuilding of these new democracies, helping western nations financially. Like everything you can write on the back of a fag packet, this project failed spectacularly.

It failed because the values of contract, choice and consent needed in a democracy are products only of a capitalist system, itself a product of scientific and rational thinking. No other type of economy creates an understanding and a willing application of these principles of contract, choice and consent. That is why they are alien values in feudal, tribal and many Islamic countries.

So having bombed Iraq the western “Hawks” expected a grateful nation to welcome freedom, women’s rights, a free press, self-restraint, toleration of difference etc. Er no. If you understood the rudiments of Marx’s political economics it would have been clear that all that would happen is what has happened, these nations, now broken, have reverted to tribal and sectarian infighting. The rights of women, gay people and Jewish people, Christians and other foreign nationals have been ripped asunder. It’s wasn’t supposed to be like that but that is precisely how it is. There is also mass migration on a continental scale to deal with. This issue is one that is seemingly without an easy solution.

Like the countries from which the migrants come there is no rich heritage of contract, choice and consent, so their economic and therefore cultural reference points are from a period Karl Marx and Frederick Engles called “barbarism”. In modern terms, very many are sexist, racist, homophobic and violent, because that was what it had to be like in traditional pre-feudal economies. The individual faithful can’t be blamed any more than you can blame a westerner for wanting to be a millionaire. Values are economic as well as culturally determined! What however one can say is this. Having introduced people who have values unlike our own how are you going to assimilate them? They will typically not want to assimilate preferring to group with those with whom they share values in common.

To cover their tracks and avoid blame for what has been done to so many western nations, the global elite seems to have the unexpected help of the “hard left” who assist by aggressively shutting down the views of working people with shrill cries of racism, or Islamophobia. For politics supposedly based on Marx’s scientific socialism, these hard left groups are too prone to “differentiate” the working population and are too ready to accept pre-capitalist values.

So, in conclusion, in addition to western workers jobs going east and debt replacing profitability, we have illegal and immoral adventurism on the part of a western economic elite. Seeing that western capitalism was failing, these people developed a strategy of “war reconstruction and democracy building”. This strategy has failed and has led to mass migration. We also have various iterations of a left-wing keen to build a “proletarian army” from a differentiated collection of people with identity issues and this, in the case of shouts of “Islamism”, is being used to silence working peoples natural objection to what has happened to their countries. Kleptocrats and the hard left both on the same page? You really couldn’t make it up.