The ‘Riddle of History solved’?- We examine the history of power.

The ‘riddle of history solved’ is relatively easy to explain. It is basically why so many people create economic value but so few people ever get to control it. From the moment we had more than we needed to survive as small tribes, systems of authority have sprung up to control surplus value and those authorities have controlled people. Whether it is the proto-feudalism of the Pharaohs or the early Kingdom of Israel or Muhammad’s Muslim Empire ordinary people has been subject to the violent rule of the minority. Religion playing the role of defending the social and economic reality for all involved.

The political ‘Right’ claim that the capitalist model delivers a greater equality. Certainly, in destroying feudalism it put an end to control and servitude for workers by those of superior status, the nobility, but in its place, we gained a more mobile and ever-changing hierarchy of capitalists and their political servants in parliament ‘contracting’ to undermine the rights of workers. Socialism was a reaction to this capitalist exploitation. It sought to control capitalism and redistribute capitalist wealth in the ‘name’ of the workers. Wherever socialism was introduced however it only ever acted in the name of the workers’ apart from the brief period between 1945 and 1970 in the UK when it did serve the social as opposed to economic interests of the workers. After 1970 it ceased serving anyone’s interests other than the State itself. As the ‘socialists’ have always put it the workers were ‘exploited’ by the ‘bourgeoise’ or capitalists as they are now better known (see Opinion 11/02/2018) so the States job was to exploit them back.

In its defence, capitalism did create lasting legal principles such as contract, choice and consent which as Karl Marx anticipated have ‘taken on a social character’ and have become an expectation of working people the western world over. Preserving these values is now a revolutionary act in the face of the counter-revolutions being waged by the forces of the ideology of Islam, the corrosive effects of crony capitalism and the confused ideology of twenty-first century socialism shorn of its economic role to exploit capitalism in the name of workers and now neurotically fretting about ‘identity’ as though a collection of  militant groups is a substitute for a revolutionary working class.

So the ‘Right’ is not right in thinking that ‘capitalism’ is fair… it’s not it needs regulation. But the left is wrong to think that capitalism is so wrong it needs exploitation by the State. Exploitation of capitalism by the State on ‘behalf’ of the workers has simply created an unaccountable class of State bureaucrats who no longer exploit the capitalists to pay for the State but exploit the workers to pay for it instead. This is therefore why the Left can’t be ‘left’…because it is now hell-bent on exploiting the workers through taxation and debt and the right isn’t right because capitalism is incapable of acting fairly and will always seek to exploit workers and always with the connivance of the State, even a left-wing State. Hence the Blair/Clinton/EU obsession with supporting crony capitalism.

The State is not the Nation the people are and they need to secure in perpetuity for our daughters and sons the values of contract, choice and consent and take over the running of the Nation from either an ideological ‘left’ or ideological ‘right’ State. Getting rid of the power of ideology is clearly the place to start particularly with the ideology of Islam trying to colonise both the left and the right!!