We are troubled by the hard ‘Left’s’ collusion with political Islam, Are you?

Islam is unashamedly seventh century as a faith and political ideology. Very simply its values go back to the days of tribal agrarianism and have a doctrine of ‘no change’ dictated from God to Muhammad by the Archangel Gabriel. Individual Muslims may change but the faith upon which they depend does not. It won’t reform, it can’t reform!

Islam is, therefore, pre ‘rights’ which only came along as a realistic expectation for some men in the 18th century with the freedom to contract, make choices and consent, requirements of the emerging capitalist system. Back then, these rights were really only available to ‘capitalists’ who were also known as ‘the bourgeois’. Most people back then didn’t count, they were ‘workers’ but in theory, they had the same rights as the capitalist.

Islam being of the seventh century makes no reference to peoples rights but instead has control, compulsion and submission at its core. These are values totally at odds with what we have come to expect today. That is not surprising, however, ‘hand to mouth’ tribal societies that relied on brutality and ‘booty’ both human and economic, such as the one Muhammad came from would all have been exactly the same. Muhammad simply turned seventh-century economic necessity into an ideology or ‘faith’ and it’s been exported around the world ever since!

So why do the political “hard Left’ support Islam with its pre rights values, its control and submission ideology? It seems odd to us that within the ranks of Antifa’s and other so-called progressive ‘Leftwing’ groups’ people rail against those who, far from being ‘Islamophobic’ or racist, are simply trying to stand up for modern ‘western values’.  Basically standing up for the right of all men and women to contract, make personal choices and consent as this is the legacy of our capitalist past. Upon these values, we have built freedom and democracy.

So the explanation. As with all dumbing down, it seems as though the ‘Left’ don’t really understand the principles of Left-wing philosophy described by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels and therefore don’t recognise that by supporting Islam and destroying ‘capitalism’ in the way they advocate, they are falling into the trap of promoting regressive ideas. They see ‘capitalism’ simply as a bad system to be overthrown wholesale rather than one where the values should be preserved and extended to working people, whilst change occurs at an institutional level.

Islamic radicals see in the hard ‘Left’ people who like them, violently hate capitalism and also seem to hate Western values too. Maybe yes or maybe no!

Are there ‘Left-wingers’ and Antifa’s who know what they are doing and have misogyny driving their indifference to women and girls rights when they support Islam?  There may well be some but the reality for us is the modern Uk and the US ‘Left-wing’ doesn’t understand that overthrowing ‘capitalism’ should not involve overthrowing capitalism’s values but only changing capitalisms unfair ‘bourgeois’ institutions. Institutions like it’s binary Parliaments, Local Authorities, State broadcasters, and established religion plus the unrepresentative bourgeois Political Parties.

By being cavalier with capitalisms values the left is at risk of throwing our ‘rights’ baby out with their anti-capitalist bathwater. Should we be concerned? Well yes because more out of ignorance than intent, the ‘Left’ is ushering modern civilisation out the door whilst the seventh-century climb in via the window.