We need a social and economic revolution and the only one on offer is Corbyn’s warmed up 1970’s leftovers. But still the Tories should be worried.

Let us just take a few issues. A lack of cultural integration, a debt based economy, an inefficient state sector that is barely democratic, a legal system too elite, remote and expensive for most to access, a political system designed to promote the interests of groups in binary opposition, a criminal justice system that still sees imprisonment as the ultimate sanction irrespective of whether the criminal is a danger to the public, a housing bubble that feeds the economy with debt and services the financial sector whilst relying on immigration and family breakdown to fuel the demand for more housing. A student demographic who can anticipate a form of pauperism as they progress asset-less and debt-burdened into the mid 21st century. We could go on but it is too depressing.

What is needed is a revolution but not the big state oppression promised to the youth by Corbyn. His brand of socialism will not offer the young what they want, freedom, equality and opportunity but more state indebtedness, a lack of freedom in the economy and a perverse array of special pleading that will capture and sustain inequality within Labours various client groups. This is as we have said before largely gender inequality but could conceivably be anti-Semitic or homophobic so large and weird is Labours “big tent”.

The problem for the Tories is that Labours rubbish revolution is the only one in town and whilst he is moving backwards at least Corbyn is moving. The Tories, by contrast, have lost the optimism and vision that saw many of them,  quite rightly lead the Brexit campaign on the basis of a global role for Britain in a world crying out for a new form of efficient values based 21s century leadership in a western world full of creaking and expensive post-war bureaucracies, just like the EU run by elites on behalf of elites.

The problems we have highlighted at the top of this post will not go away and those problems will get worse. Labour offers jam tomorrow but at a huge cost to future generations and as we have said there is too much weirdness making a prediction of what Britain might look like under a Labour government impossible to predict. It is possible that Corbyn will become the heir to Blair and we will have a return to the middle ground. But whether it is the middle ground from the Tories or Corbyn or 1970’s socialism from Corbyn,  neither are the revolution Britain, the EU and the rest of the western world needs. We need a Blue Revolution to save us from ourselves save us from those who hate us and to save the planet. for more read ABlueRevolution.com.