Why we need a relaxed, ballot box based radical Blue Revolution.

Sadly the world is a bit of a mess. Yes people are getting rich and some people are getting jobs but the elephant in the room is that too many of those jobs are based directly or indirectly on debt and too few people are the recipients of the debt once it has been transformed into income by the state or banking system, so only a few, including politicians get rich.

Bonuses to house builders, EU bureaucrats Vice Chancellors of British Universities and state employees on over £100K per year all have a stake in taxpayer-funded debt. QE and the issuing of government Bonds assist the profitability of the banking system. No one is going to challenge the status quo when the status quo, the taxpayer-funded global debt model, is so lucrative to our “elite”.

What is called “capitalism” today owes more to debt than capital (capital is economic value stolen from workers by capitalist’s, getting workers into debt to pay “capitalists” is not capitalism) but the elite doesn’t want anyone to know that.

Without the West’s governments taking tax from and thus indebting the poor taxpayer for centuries the system would have collapsed about a decade ago. The 2007/8 banking crisis was the most recent iteration of capitalisms terminal illness. Others collapses have been prevented by war or re-engineering the system as happened in the 1980’s.

The problem is that when the 1980’s collapse began the world was global so the Elite could export expensive work to China making the maximum profit from low production costs and stable sale prices at home. As prices stayed stable so inflation was stable but work was becoming a low skill and low pay issue so families needed subsidy and that comes from taxpayers too. So the bottom end of the economy is being subsidised and the elite’s and bankers are being continually bailed out as well.

Initially, in 07/08 the bankers had to be bailed out…the systems death throes would have had a devastating social as well as catastrophic economic impact so immediate collapse had to be avoided. However rather than have a revolutionary overhaul of the whole system and staunch the excessive wealth and waste inherent within the elite’s crony economy, the state not only stepped in to stop the collapse, it continues to subsidize the whole “capitalist” system (banking, State and consumption). There is no one who is going to come forward to change this unless a quiet ballot based revolution takes place and those who can live on a realistic wage start to re-engineer the whole system for the benefit of everyone. Corbyns tax and spend is grist to the mill for the global elite and Farage’s sucking up to the EU shows just how far the global elite will go to consolidate their advantage over the rest of us.

Blue Revolution is a quiet revolution, it’s a means by which ordinary people can get in on the political act by not having to go through the ideological indoctrination of the party system. The ballot really is the most power you have ever had let’s use our votes to make sure we help our Nation of workers survive our State by becoming Blue Revolutionaries.