Some say we are pessimists but that is missing the point.

If you are up to your neck in shark infested waters and you comment unfavourably on your chances of getting out alive you are a realist and not a pessimist. We have a well-grounded belief that if the Blue Revolution’s views are popularised and gain some traction the western world will genuinely demonstrate the “progressive” evolution boasted about by the barmy left wing. The left wing, however, have no basis for their belief in social Progress other than it makes them feel nice when they think about it.

The problem for the traditional left, that collection of well-intentioned muddle heads who promote progress at State level whilst presiding over the growth of ignorance and squalor at the social level, is that their version of progress lacks economic fundamentals. It is thus simply utopian wishful thinking bankrolled by debt and state expenditure. The model deployed by the kleptocrats of the free market is based on debt underpinned by inflated asset values. The left doesn’t seem to even have this flawed model to deliver their “progress”.

We put it on record that the western hegemony will end and without a revolutionary overhaul of the State and its responsibilities and the public and their responsibilities too, the existing state, banking and political structures when they collapse will take our rights and freedoms with them. To us, it almost feels as though the elites are planning for this eventuality and so they have created places like Dubai as bolt holes.

The reality is of course that the nature of the revolutionary overhaul is as obvious to us as the tensions and contradictions within the western system itself. Basically, there is too much debt, too much planet wasting consumption, too much inequality based on wealth management as opposed to value creation (the old capitalist way!). This new western model feeds a free market that marketizes, well whatever. It globalises human activity into poor and productive or poor and redundant depending on what the elite can get away with paying. In the west, the redundant become an underclass whose function all too quickly becomes to consume and reproduce with little real hope of escaping this entrapping lifestyle.

The revolutionary change promoted by us will involve extending democracy to a much wider group of actual legislators, such as our legislative college or peoples chamber. The identification of contract and consent as the basis for all adult human relationships….(no good if you want to promote a brand of feudalism like the Saudi’s or North Koreas), and finally a State which puts the needs of the people before the needs of certain elite groups of the people as is the case now. This final point will require a small state that regulates and doesn’t control and a cheap system of civil law which deals with most disputes apart for serious injurious criminality.

We thus have two visions of the west in the 22nd century. One is our optimistic view of an economy where everyone creates modest amounts of social and economic value and shares it around and the other our up to our neck in shark filled waters view which is that the elite will bask in the sunshine of Dubai whilst controlling the rest of us remotely via a mean gruel of welfare and autocracy. The type; Saudi, Chinese or North Korean is too early to determine and of course, the rights of one-half of the population will be affected to a greater extent than the other. It’s what happens when you return to primitivism.