There are competing ideologies and ideas ready to replace ghastly secularwesternism. But how well do they protect our rights?

All societies need to possess two basic characteristics, the ability to create economic value as well as social coherence. In a nut shell the ability to feed and water themselves and the ability to live within their means and maintain social order. The creation of value is an economic activity that taps into the cohesive society to provide the labour necessary to survive as a population and thrive as a culture.

In the Western world, however, we no longer see the need to do this. Because we can maintain utterly incoherent societies and pay for them with a mixture of Wizard of Oz-like financial jiggery-pokery combined with some Alice in Wonderland economics. This is the system we at Blue Revolution call Secularwesternism. It is the prevalent ideology of the Western world. We all buy into it and governments are too scared or stupid to know how to change it or change our appetite for it and its unsustainable debt funded gobbling up of the planet’s resources. It is the most damaging and unsustainable ideology that has ever evolved and it will collapse leaving economic and social devastation in its wake. The western characteristics (Contract, Choice, and Consent) upon which democracy is founded, forged by Capitalism and extended by left-leaning capitalist governments to more and more people will disappear in a trice.

There are already those religious fanatics who can see the weakness of Western society and the shameful economic model that props it up and believe they can bomb us back into what is for them a more coherent “dark-ages”, but for us would be a Sharia inspired return to a pre 18th, 17th or even 16th Century world of prejudice and discrimination. Assuming, of course, you could maintain anything that resembled a “State”.

Unfortunately for the devout Muslim with all their laudable devotions and traditional garb Sharia offers nothing “progressive” to the West, or anywhere for that matter. In this respect, it is no different to from the Old Testament. Islamism will stop Western progress in its tracks. But then Secularwesternism is doing the same thing but in a different way.

In addition to Islamism as an ideology jockeying to topple Western hegemony, we have the left wing getting in on the act. Now “the left” is an interesting hotchpotch of often incoherent ideas which have little basis in the economic reality of the Western world. So in China (and to some extent Russia), we have State Capitalism. This is the Capitalist System grafted onto an essentially feudal state. This is possible because unlike in industrializing Britain where Capitalism deposed feudalism confining it in the West to the historical dustbin, China can run the two systems in parallel.

In Britain, we have a collection of well-intentioned Mumsnetters and students who support Corbyn, the man who gives a well-meaning and harmless gloss to a party of Leninists, Stalinists anti-Semites, and Misogynists. The Corbyn Labour party is all about creating a Leninist like “Vanguard” (Momentum) seizing power on behalf of the “workers” and then re-ordering the “State” with a Stalinist like grip to deliver a new “socialist” society for the workers. It’s a horrible thought for us ordinary workers as it would turn Britain into a kind of bureaucratic hellhole, with workers, working to provide status and taxpayer-funded debt based wealth to an aggressive party elite. Rights would give way to the grand plan until the economy went pop.

The worst part of the Labour model is its complete lack of economic literacy. Unlike the Islamist who can see the absence of real social and economic value creation in the West, the British left still thinks the West makes real value from its coffee shops, restaurants and Malls selling tat, and that this value is controlled by a taxable business elite. No Guys, the West does not make real value based money it creates government and personal debt, and yes it does go to a business, banking and political elite that includes the Labour Party. And Labour would simply make the problem worse. Anti-austerity is the cause of the problem, not the solution. In the absence of real “re-appropriated value” to use a Marxist phrase, the only source of government finance apart from taxation is debt. The only way we can see to pay for schools and hospitals is to cut the cost of the State itself. But that, of course, is where the left wing gets their power from, now they have no Nationalised Industries to destroy. So we can’t expect a radical change there then!

On a more farcical note, we have the muddle of “Trumpism” which was (is) a nieve idea that somehow TPOTUS could order the US economy back to the 1950’s.

There is also Macronism, the nieve idea that Tony Blair was an enlightened thinker.

It is the workers, not the elite who will experience the horror of the West’s eventual demise and so far none of our pretenders to the Crown offers anything remotely realistic or in the case of Islamism humane. So rather than total economic and social collapse Blue Revolution offers its manifesto of increasing democracy in a shrinking state and an end to the rule of elites. Read our manifesto and join us before it is too late. As Karl Marx would say “raise your consciousness”.