standing for election

Our Second election since we formed in March 2017

This is what we are going to say.

Boston like Britain needs to escape the clutches of the party system, where parties switch between “administration” or “opposition” with no workable opinion in the middle. At Blue Revolution we believe our elected members would speak only for you and you should vote for them, not the party they serve or, the party that serves them.

How many times have we as voters seen politicians “tow the party line” against the interests of ordinary people. Nationally, our entry into the EU, tuition fees, the outsourcing of services, the use of debt to maintain services and the exporting of jobs are classic examples of political actions linked to vested interests. Locally we have poor public services, litter-strewn streets and rural isolation. This type of politics happens because people did not have enough of a say in how policy is formed and delivered. Parties we are told know better……we believe that is utter rubbish.

At Blue Revolution, we believe that your problems are our problems. We will be similar in our experiences of life our modest ambitions and frustrations, so we can represent you better than someone putting their party before you. As they do……it’s all anger from the left and inaction from the right!

Please support your Blue Revolution candidate.


Published by Mike Gilbert on behalf of Blue Revolution both of 22 Tower Street Boston PE21 8RX